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Bryan Adams has a new single called "Baby When Your Gone" with Pamela Anderson.

"Baby When Your Gone" was also in Bodypump 34 a good release:

1 BP 34 When the heart ache is Over Tina Turner (Brilliant.)
2 BP 34 Listen to the music Martha Walsh (Outstanding.)
3 BP 34 The final countdown 2000 Europe (Awesome Choreography.)
4 BP 34 Baby When you're gone Jackie 'O' (The best ever track 4 to me in the 30's series.)
5 BP 34 I need to know Marc Anthony (Brilliant.)
6 BP 34 Do we rock Point Blank (One of the best track 6's ever in Bodypump history.)
7 BP 34 Forever Tina Cousins (Outstanding.)
8 BP 34 Der kommissar Falco (Ouch.)
9 BP 34 Got to get you back T Spoon (A really funky track and such a powertrack for an abs track.)
10 BP 34 What a wonderful world Louis Armstrong and Kenny G (Wow - What a Wonderful World.) was also used in "The Freedom Mix."

I like release 34 it is one of my favorite mixes ever. From Tina Turner "Yes" Tina Turner for a warmup track to Louis Armstrong and Kenny G from "Good Morning America" soundtrack with Robin Williams. It is a tough release. Track 1 breezes into the class. When the heart ache is Over is just so inspirational I love this track as it is the only track I can remember that we have had a Tina Turner song as a warmup? It is from her CD Twenty Four Seven 1999 "When the Heartache Is Over" went to Number 10 in the UK.

Listen to the music has tons of bottom halves and an awesome driving beat, The Final Countdown has tons of push-ups at the end of the track.

"Baby When Your Gone" is my alltime favorite track from that release, I love thetriples at the end of the track. You need to know your gear to teach that track. I need to Know is awesome tons of tricep presses and a wicked ending.

Do We Rock is outstanding as a biceps track a catchy beat and love the singles in that release.

Tina Cousins from "Bodypump 56" was also in that release and love Forever as a lunge track, it was one of those combination lunge/squat tracks we used to do and I miss in Bodypump.

Der Kommissar is a great shoulder track "The Burn" effect is def there in this track.

Got to Get You Back is outstanding as a abs track and love the combination of crunches in that release.

The class finishes with Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World a real nice cooldown track. I loved this one back in 1999. The ending to that track leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling that you get in the occasional release like 10 BP 25 My heart will go on Celine Dion and 10 BP 24 First Time Roberta Flack and 10 BP 20 Change The World - Eric Clapton from Pump 20. Those moments are def some of my favorite times in any class like 10 BP 52 "Vedi, Maria" Emma Shapplin from Bodypump 52 leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling after that track :) Man do I miss the 20's and 30's series of Bodypump.

The 30's series of Bodypump was my favorite series of Bodypump Bodypump 33 and 35 proceeding this one are good value Bodypumps. Michael did an outstanding section of choreography on the releases back then. They were truly classic times in Bodypump.

Also if you have a chance watch the video for this Bodypump 34: Michael J Mc Sweeney and Ruthie T it is an entertaining video :)

I also have a very soft spot for Bodypump 38 :) I was trained on release 38 :) one cracker release :)

1 BP 38 Angel Lionel Ritchie
2 BP 38 Baker Street DJ Octopus
3 BP 38 Don't Tell Me Madonna
4 BP 38 I Drove All Night Bandido
5 BP 38 She Bangs Ricky Martin
6 BP 38 Stronger Britney Spears
7 BP 38 Sandstorm Darude
8 BP 38 Where Are You Paffendorf
9 BP 38 Most Girls Pink
10 BP 38 With Arms Wide Open Creed

The whole 30's series of Bodypump is so special to me and to us who participated back then in some of the best moments I will ever have in any Les Mills class ever :)

Check out the following links for more information on Bryan Adams:

It is from his forthcoming CD Anthology!


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